Midas Focus Modules

The Sales Focus module of Midas is a designed primarily for use by the sales department of an airline. It has its own database that has been optimized for the queries that might be asked by an account rep about what is happening in their territory. Because it is a web-based application and requires no additional software, it is available 24/7 anywhere Internet access is available.

Reports are available by Agency, Market, and Airline. The default report sequence is to rank the rows based on the number of passengers in the current month. Clicking on any column heading will allow the user to change the sequence of the report to be sorted on that column. The first click provides an ascending sort (from low to high) and a second click provides a descending or ranked report (high to low). There is also a facility that allows the user to search for a particular item, or to filter the report to be able to isolate similar items.

The default is to store 24 months of historic data and 12 months of future booking data. These settings are optional and may be set to other values if required. The default is to report on the most current month, but any or all of the data may be view if so desired.

The Sales Focus module is a descendant of the former ATAS Web system, but has been completely redesigned to provide it with better response time, more features, and to be more user-friendly. Some of the new features include:

  • Display by either marketing carrier or operating carrier
  • Display by either airport code or metro code
  • Drill down to the route level
  • Tabs allow instant change of report view
  • User defined Market Groups
  • Display Market Seat Share data for share comparisons
  • Change report parameters without having to close a report
  • Trend report can adjust from 3 to 12 months of year-over-year display
  • Direct customer maintenance of:
    • Agency information
    • Sales Area information
    • Agency Groups and SubGroups
    • Market Groups

Market Focus is a module of the Midas system that provides a powerful, user-friendly, and effective decision support tool designed to assist various groups throughout the airline, such as planning, scheduling, and marketing. With Market Focus, you will be able to analyze competition in markets, airline performance, the effect of departure and arrival times, and trends over a period of time.

There are several basic report types that are available in the Market Focus module. They are:

  • Market Reports
  • Hub Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Flight Analysis Reports
  • Overall Totals

For each of the above reports, there are a variety of selection parameters that can be employed. There are too many to list here and they vary by report type, but a few of the available filters are:

  • From, To, and Connect points – These can be entered as airport codes, city codes, area codes, or country codes.
  • From and To Dates – Select anything from a single month to all of the months of available history.
  • Point of Sale – Select by Continent, Country, State, Agency, or Branch.
  • GDS – Select by one or more GDSs.
  • Connect Time – Select by a range of connection times.

When viewing a Market report, from the initial summary level, you can drill down into the data, viewing it on a more and more granular basis down to the most detailed level available. At that level, you would see the marketing carrier, the flight, the operating carrier, the aircraft type, and the actual services classes sold. If necessary, this information can be viewed on a day-by-day basis.

From within each report, there are a number of options that can be employed to get a clearer picture of the report. This can mean changing the sequence of the report or changing which months are displayed.

All reports can be exported to Excel or for use as input to other systems. If a report is going to be run for an extended period of time, the report can be saved. When a new month of data has been loaded, Market Focus will automatically update the saved reports with the new data. This way, during the time that it is saved, the report will always be updated when you need it.

The Self-Service Administration is a module of the Midas system that provides a way for the administrators at the airline to manage their Midas system. Some of the functions of this module include:

User and Role Management

  • Adding new users to the company profile
  • Managing existing users, including assigning permissions, resetting passwords, disabling and enabling users, and much more.
  • Creating and managing custom roles for bulk assignment of permissions to users based on their roles in your company.
  • Viewing the audited activities of any individual user or all users within the company.

Rich Auditing Capabilities
Midas provides rich audit trails at the user and customer level. These audit trails are available for DOB Administrators and for individual users. This allows administrators as various levels to review activity and troubleshoot problems. Audit logging is an important element in any web application. Midas supports highly customisable logging capabilities. Midas modules can implement detailed logging to meet the application’s support requirements.