MIDAS is a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) suite of web-based modules enabling customers the ability to maximize the return on their data investment.  The MIDAS modules are designed for targeted analysis within primary airline core disciplines (i.e.  sales, route planning and scheduling, marketing).

MIDAS is a suite of BI modules designed to be flexible yet intuitive so as to minimize training. MIDAS modules include:

  • Sales Focus – Designed for the airline sales team, with fast, easy-to-use reporting capabilities
  • Market Focus – Created to provide more in-depth analysis with drill-down capabilities
  • Mosaic – A data visualization module enabling analysts the ability to interact with visual analytics in intuitive dashboards
  • Administration – Enables a customer the power and flexibility to administer access of the MIDAS suite without technical or DOB reliance

Better Performance and Scalability
The MIDAS Application Framework is designed from the ground up to provide a strong foundation on which to build secure, robust, and high performance web applications. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of customer applications, from the highly security-intensive requirements to smaller environments that demand more dynamic development life cycles.

MIDAS Security Features
DOB’s MIDAS application has been designed with a heavy focus on security where passwords are encrypted and security profiles control all access permissions. MIDAS security features include:

  • Session Management
  • Logon Control
  • Restrict Login by IP range
  • Restrict Login by Time of Day
  • Support for Disabling Users
  • IP Spoofing Protection
  • Configurable Login Security
  • Single User Session Restriction
  • Password expiration
  • Configurable Session Timeouts
  • Secure Mail – Secure e-mail to DOB from within MIDAS