Sales Focus

Sales Focus is one of DOB’s modules in the MIDAS suite.  Sales Focus is designed primarily for use by the sales department of an airline. It has unique, flexible, and extensive functionality that enables airline account sales staff to gain insight into their account and territory performance. Sales Focus is a web-based application and requires no additional software. It is available 24/7 anywhere internet access is available.

Market Focus

Market Focus is a module in the MIDAS suite that provides powerful, user-friendly, and effective Business Intelligence for route/network planners, schedule analysts, and marketing departments. With Market Focus, you will be able to analyze competition in markets, airline performance, the effect of departure and arrival times, and trends over a period of time.  Market Focus reports enable drill down functionality providing analyst’s visibility from airline level down to the most detailed level available.

Mosaic (Data Visualization)

Mosaic is a data visualization tool that presents visual analytics in intuitive dashboards, enabling customers to grasp difficult concepts and identify new patterns.

  • Comprehend information quickly – By using graphical representations of large datasets, your airline will be able to see massive amounts of data in clear, cohesive ways – and draw conclusions from that information. It is significantly faster to analyze information in graphical form than it is to analyze data from spreadsheets.  Mosaic enables customers to address problems and answer questions easily and rapidly.
  • Pinpoint emerging trends – Utilizing data visualization to discover trends gives customers a competitive edge. It is easy to spot outliers and address issues before they become bigger issues.
  • Communicate the story – Once an airline has uncovered new insights from Mosaic, the next step is to communicate those insights to others. Using charts, graphs, and other visually impactful representations of data is important to help get the message across quickly.  Presenting data visually also stimulates the cognitive centers in the brain, improving focus and recall.

Administration & Control

MIDAS provides the customer with the power and flexibility to administer control of the MIDAS suite without technical or DOB reliance;

  • Define & manage user and roles (i.e. adding, deleting, and customizing the users, permissions, passwords, and roles)
  • Auditing and usage management for users or groups