Data Processing

In today’s competitive airline environment airlines need improved Business Intelligence (BI) to achieve their goals and make critical decisions.  DOB’s MIDAS is a suite of web-based BI modules that are powered by comprehensive and accurate industry data.  DOB is the foremost expert and pioneer in processing and extracting the value out of the GDS Marketing Information Data (MIDT).  Beyond MIDT, DOB can tailor your BI solution using industry data and/or internal airline data to provide an optimal solution.

Your first and biggest impact will be seen in sales and marketing.  Select a particular market, and in seconds you will know who its most productive travel agents are and the exact percentage of their business that you and your competitors are receiving. This information will allow you to:

  • View agency productivity and performance
  • Target sales efforts and direct resources
  • Develop effective sales incentive plans
  • Capture & preserve market share

You will be able to analyze passenger travel patterns and flow showing you where passengers are coming from, going to, and over what routes. If you are receiving data on a daily basis, there will be more sensitivity which is ideal for analyzing impacts of competitor actions, schedule changes, pricing initiatives and advanced bookings.  This information will allow you to:

  • Determine where to focus marketing efforts and budget
  • Analyze targeted advertising impact
  • Enhance route planning and scheduling
  • Reveal passenger flows over the network

You can see when and where people are going. You will have a much better picture of real time market size and market mix by fare class. DOB BI data and MIDAS applications is enabling airlines to improve their route planning, scheduling, and revenue management decisions. Now you will be able to accurately adjust the departure times in your route planning and scheduling in order to accommodate and connect the flows of traffic. As a result, you will have better screen display with the GDS’s. You will be able to:

  • View real-time market size;
  • View market mix by fare class;
  • Determine carrier alliances;
  • Forecast traffic.

Are you maximizing power within your industry data?  Are you missing an opportunity to compete?  Contact DOB and let us help you take advantage of data investment