Houston, TX, USA

DOB Systems Headquarters - Houston, TX

DOB Systems specializes in providing its customers with the ability to view accurate and timely competitive information through the utilization of efficient software and decision support tools. Over the years we have gained an expertise and understanding of this process that is unequaled in the industry. We are constantly looking for new ideas and different ways to improve our products. We have a dedicated staff for new product development and for the maintenance of our current systems. We feel it is important to note that the majority of our customers have come to us by way of recommendations from our current customers.

We are an independent, unbiased company.  Our philosophy is to be a resource to our customers, building long term business relationships based on confidence and trust. DOB Systems’ loyal customer base includes the top international and U.S. airlines.

DOB Systems pioneered the processing and analysis of GDS Marketing Information Data (MIDT) and we are the world’s most experienced provider of MIDT analysis for the airline industry.  Today DOB offers a suite of business intelligence solutions via our MIDAS application suite utilizing industry data, airline direct data, MIDT, and customized solutions. Contact us to learn more.